Former New York Times Writer Blasted for Creationism

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Former New York Times Writer Blasted for Creationism

Virginia Heffernan, a former New York Times technology and culture writer who now writes for Yahoo! News, wrote in a column last Thursday that she believes God created the world, Jim Denison reports. Her position is not uninformed: she's read Darwin's Origin of Species along with "probably a dozen books about evolution and atheism, from Stephen Jay Gould to Sam Harris." And yet, she testifies, "I have never found a more compelling story of our origins than the ones that involve God." Criticism has been swift. For instance, Hamilton Nolan of Gawker is convinced that "Virginia Heffernan should no longer be taken seriously." According to him, "Well-educated people who are still creationists have lost the plot somewhere along the line." Denison writes: "We're used to reading about persecution against Christians in places like Iran and North Korea. We're less familiar with the crescendo of opposition to the gospel in the West, but its rise is no less real."


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