Florida Residents Rally for Ten Commandments Display

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Florida Residents Rally for Ten Commandments Display

December 2, 2011

A federal judge in Florida recently ordered a Ten Commandments monument in front of the Dixie County courthouse to be removed, and the decision caused an uproar among some residents, CBN News reports. The American Civil Liberties Union initially filed the lawsuit against the county in 2006 on behalf of a non-resident who was offended by the five-foot-tall granite monument given to the county by an artist. The message "Love God and keep His commandments" is engraved at the bottom of the monument, and the ACLU argued that the display should be in front of a church, not a courthouse. Last weekend, more than 500 residents gathered to protest the judge's orders to remove the monument; the Liberty Counsel has appealed the judge's decision to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.


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