First Openly Bisexual Member of Congress Takes Office

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First Openly Bisexual Member of Congress Takes Office

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who was elected to the House of Representatives in November by voters in Arizona's 9th Congressional District and sworn into office Jan. 3, is being touted as the first openly bisexual member of Congress, reports. When asked by about her sexual orientation, Sinema said: "We've made history, and we're proud of that, but what I am interested in is making history by making things better for the people of Arizona's 9th Congressional District." Sinema's campaign was supported by the Victory Fund, a gay rights group that funds and trains LGBT candidates. "We're thrilled for Kyrsten," said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund. "She's a dynamic leader and she'll be a strong voice for her community and for all LGBT Americans." National Public Radio reported on Tuesday that Sinema is the "first openly bisexual member of Congress" and that she represents a "changing Arizona."


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