Fatal Shooting Reported at Creflo Dollar's Georgia Megachurch

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Fatal Shooting Reported at Creflo Dollar's Georgia Megachurch

A gunman reportedly killed another male Wednesday morning inside Creflo Dollar's World Changers Church International in Georgia, and the shooter is still on the loose, the Christian Post reports. The shooting occurred during a 10 a.m. Bible study at the College Park campus in unincorporated Fulton County. The gunman, reportedly a staff member at the church, walked into the service wearing a suit and tie and shot the Bible study leader at point-blank range while he was leading prayer. Initial reports said the victim was transported to a local hospital, but subsequent reports indicate he has died. No official statement has been yet released by the church in response to the shooting. Dollar, who was recently arrested for allegedly physically assaulting one of his daughters, founded World Changers International Church in 1981. The church currently has about 30,000 members.


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