Egyptian Christian Leader Calls for Prayer Before Protests, Rallies

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Egyptian Christian Leader Calls for Prayer Before Protests, Rallies

An Egyptian Christian leader has issued an urgent call for worldwide prayers concerning potential explosive rallies both for and against the presidency of Mohammed Morsi, Open Doors USA reports. "We Christians of Egypt who love our country and seek God's redemption for every soul are urging our dear brothers and sisters in the extended body of Christ all over the world to lift up our country before the throne and to create together a shield of prayers to stand against the great evil that is threatening to fall on Egypt in the coming days," writes "Michael," a Christian leader. In response to the call for nationwide protests against President Morsi, planned to take place June 30, multitudes of Egyptians rejecting Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood regime are planning to go to the streets in every city, town and village in rebellion one year after Morsi was sworn into office. The "Rebel" opposition movement -- through an army of volunteers -- has reportedly collected 15 million forms signed by Egyptians who have proclaimed their rejection of Morsi and his regime. In return, the Muslim Brotherhood has claimed to have collected millions of signatures to support Morsi as the legally elected president, and has called its followers to fill all major squares of Egypt on June 28, two days before the Rebel protest day. There are also reports that large demonstrations from other Islamic groups are planned for Friday, June 21.


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