Egyptian Army Issues Morsi 48-Hour Ultimatum

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Egyptian Army Issues Morsi 48-Hour Ultimatum

Egypt's army issued a powerful warning via Egyptian state TV that it will intervene if President Mohammad Morsi doesn't "meet the people's demands," CBN News reports. It gave Morsi and his opponents 48 hours to reach an agreement. "If the people's demands are not achieved before the agreed period of time, then it is the duty of the military ... to announce a roadmap for the future," army officials said. Anti-Morsi demonstrators welcomed the army's announcement. "We are very happy here," an anti-Morsi demonstrator named Rita said. "We never lost confidence in our army; we always trusted that our army will be with us. We are very proud, we are very happy. We are proud to be Egyptians. Egyptians made it." Morsi supporters fear the army is poised to take over. "It is clear that the army is planning a coup," Morsi supporter Mohammed Amir said. "The army must support the legitimacy of the president and the legitimacy of the constitution." Since Sunday, millions of Egyptians have poured into the streets to demand that Morsi leave office. June 30 marked the one-year anniversary of Morsi's entrance to office, but the majority of Egyptians feel betrayed due to his dictatorial style, his now-apparent radical Islamist agenda and his economic mismanagement. What the army will do when the 48-hour ultimatum expires remains to be seen; organizers of the mass demonstrations say if Morsi does not step down, they'll intensify their campaign, including civil disobedience.


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