Egypt Protesters Demand Sharia Law

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Egypt Protesters Demand Sharia Law

Thousands of Egyptian protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday, demanding that sharia (Islamic law) be implemented under the country's new constitution, CBN News reports. As the Muslim Brotherhood-majority government continues to debate the role of religion in its constitution, ultra-conservative Muslims are pressuring leaders to make sure sharia is followed. According to Jerry Dykstra of Open Doors USA, "It is hardly a surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood is now pushing sharia as the law of the land in Egypt. Strict Islamic law has always been its main agenda for Egypt. President Morsi attempted to disguise this before the election, saying his government would be moderate. Now the true face of extreme Islam is being unveiled to the world. The high hopes of the revolution and overthrow of Mubarak have now been replaced by the reality of another form of extremist government -- an Islamist one." Under sharia, non-Muslims and Muslim women face discrimination, and those who dishonor Islam can face "honor killings" by family members. Sharia also allows for women to be stoned to death for adultery, even if the woman is the victim of rape.


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