Egypt: Christian Homes, Businesses Destroyed in Sectarian Violence

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Egypt: Christian Homes, Businesses Destroyed in Sectarian Violence

Christian homes and businesses were looted August 1 in violence that broke out following the death of a Muslim man in the Egyptian village of Dahshur, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports. The incident began on July 27 when a Coptic launderer, Sameh Samy, burned the shirt of a Muslim client, Ahmad Ramadan. It is claimed that despite both men agreeing to settle the grievance that evening, Ramadan returned in the afternoon with a 3,000-member armed mob, which surrounded Samy's house and business. As fighting raged, Samy eventually hurled a Molotov cocktail from the roof of his house, which hit a Muslim passerby named Moaz, who was taken to the hospital with third-degree burns, from which he later died. According to the Assyrian International News Agency, 120 Christian families fled the village following threats by clerics and the victim's family to exact revenge. Police later arrested and detained Samy, his father and his brother, and charged them with murder and possession of explosives. Despite five arrest warrants being issued for five Muslims involved in the attack, they remain at large.


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