Divided Egypt Putting Christians in the Crosshairs

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Divided Egypt Putting Christians in the Crosshairs

Protests and rallies are taking place in Egypt almost daily now, weeks after Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi was removed from office, CBN News reports. Morsi supporters have taken to the streets, demanding the Muslim Brotherhood leader be reinstated to the presidency, and even larger numbers of anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters have also held rallies. "I am representing the majority of the Egyptians," anti-Brotherhood demonstrator Manal Helmy said. "I am proving to the world that this is not a coup; it's a real revolution and the military is doing what we asked them to do." Newly appointed president Adli Mansour said all Egyptians must work together for peace, and issued a warning to those who threaten stability. "We will firmly punish those who kill innocents," he warned. As the death and injury tolls continue to rise, many wonder if rival factions are headed for a showdown. If civil war ensues, many expect Christians to be targeted for attack and their very existence threatened.


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