Discovery of Terrorist Base in Nigeria Refutes Islamist Claims

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Discovery of Terrorist Base in Nigeria Refutes Islamist Claims

The Nigerian military's discovery on May 19 of a Muslim terrorist base in Jos full of ammunition and explosives refutes Islamist claims that Christians have been bombing their own churches, Compass Direct News reports. Following an intensive three-day search by Nigeria's Special Military Task Force that found four improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and 19 other bombs, a local pastor said: "It's a vindication, as in the past Muslims, after attacking Christian churches, have claimed that Christians have been responsible for these bombings. But now, everyone knows that Boko Haram has carried out the attacks and bombings on Christians and our churches in collaboration with other local Muslims in Jos." Another pastor, the Rev. Emefiena Ezeani, said too many people were refusing to acknowledge that churches were as much primary targets of Boko Haram as police, government and media facilities. "Has Boko Haram, thanks to their being truthful, not made it unequivocally clear that their ultimate intention is to Islamize the whole of Nigeria?" he said. "I am worried by the disturbing and deafening silence."


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