Delaware Abortion Doctor Charged With Unsafe Practices

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Delaware Abortion Doctor Charged With Unsafe Practices

A Delaware abortion doctor faces charges of unsafe and unsanitary practices, CBN News reports. The state's medical licensing officials filed a formal complaint last week, accusing Dr. Timothy F. Liveright of engaging in "unprofessional, disrespectful and inappropriate conduct," which reportedly included sexual harassment of female employees. Liveright, 68, who performed abortions at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wilmington, voluntarily surrendered his Delaware medical license last month, saying he "retired from practicing medicine in Delaware" and had "no intentions of ever seeking [to] practice there in the future." Officials say he represents a "clear and immediate danger" to the public. "They're jumping on whatever they can jump on," Liveright said. "I don't know what their agenda is, but I don't think I'm a danger to the public." Liveright is accused of multiple acts of incompetence and negligence, specifically citing abortions performed in February and March of this year. Charges against him include over-sedating patients, performing unnecessary suction procedures and failing to act in a way that would avoid unnecessary complications for patients.


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