Christians, Conservatives Applaud Ryan Choice for GOP Ticket

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Christians, Conservatives Applaud Ryan Choice for GOP Ticket

Mitt Romney's announcement Saturday of congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate has sparked widespread approval among conservatives and Christians. Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, said Ryan had "distinguished himself as a strong fiscal conservative over the 14 years he has been in Congress," adding that she was "very encouraged" by his "strong pro-life voting record and his understanding of the importance of strengthening and preserving the traditional family." Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said: "Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan shows that he is serious about getting America's fiscal house in order. Paul Ryan's voting record also suggests that he believes that social, fiscal and national security conservatism is indivisible. Paul Ryan's philosophy clearly includes the understanding that America's financial greatness is tied directly to its moral and cultural wholeness." Several women's groups also applauded Romney's choice, including the Independent Women's Forum, which contended the selection was a bold move that would "reverse the election narrative from trivial political attacks to a serious debate on key issues of voter concern."


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