Christian, Conservative Leaders Focus on Romney's Policies, Not Faith

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Christian, Conservative Leaders Focus on Romney's Policies, Not Faith

More than two dozen Christian and conservative leaders are trying to put the issue of presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mormonism to rest by instead focusing on the policies outlined in the GOP's new national platform, the Religion News Service reports. Polls repeatedly show that, while most social conservatives favor Romney, nearly 25 percent express discomfort with his Mormon faith. In a letter delivered Sept. 7 to Romney, the leaders acknowledged that some conservatives had "tempered their enthusiasm for sound governing principles by their concern over differences in a candidate's theological doctrine" but said it was "time to remind ourselves that civil government is not about a particular theology but rather about public policy." The letter went on to say that the principles of the Republican platform -- with planks opposing abortion and defining marriage as between one man and one woman -- are "squarely within the Judeo-Christian tradition." Signers of the letter include Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, Samaritan's Purse president Franklin Graham, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly and GOP strategist Ralph Reed.


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