Colorado Residents Gather to Remember Massacre Victims

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Colorado Residents Gather to Remember Massacre Victims

Thousands gathered Sunday night in Aurora, Colo., for a prayer vigil honoring the victims of Friday's theater massacre that killed 12 and wounded 58 others, CBN News reports. "We are a family in Aurora," said Aurora mayor Steve Hogan. "We are good, hardworking people who believe in the goodness of our fellow man. We are coming together as a family would." Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper spoke the names of the 12 dead, and each time the crowd responded, "We will remember." Rev. Robin Holland of Living Hope Baptist Church in Aurora prayed, "One day, Lord, we know that our city will march back into that theater and we'll claim that theater back, Father God, 'cause it doesn't belong to terrorists, it belongs to the city of Aurora." President Barack Obama also met with the families of victims in Aurora on Sunday, a decision Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called "the right thing." Meanwhile, massacre suspect James Holmes, 24, is scheduled to appear in court today; he faces at least 71 charges, one for each victim.


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