Church Demolished by Russian Government Gathers Among Ruins

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Church Demolished by Russian Government Gathers Among Ruins

Members of a Russian evangelical church in Moscow that the government demolished last week gathered to pray early Sunday morning among the ruins of their once-standing church, CBN News reports. More than 200 worshippers from Holy Trinity Pentecostal Church listened to pastor Vasily Romanyuke preach, and also prayed for the country's authorities. Several banners were hung on the remains of the church structure, including one that read, "The building demolished -- Church is ALIVE." Just after midnight on Sept. 6, a demolition crew accompanied by police began tearing down the church, and by morning almost the entire three-story building was destroyed. The sudden destruction -- which was apparently court-ordered -- left human rights groups and church members shocked. One church member explained that the Russian government was "forcibly" relocating churches, giving them land in more remote areas to build new buildings. Holy Trinity is among many evangelical churches kicked out of Moscow in recent months, which many Christian leaders fear is an indication of fading religious freedom in Russia.


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