Christians Consider Fleeing Syria Amid Fears of Intolerance

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Christians Consider Fleeing Syria Amid Fears of Intolerance

April 5, 2012

As violent clashes between rebels and the Syrian government continue to put the lives of civilians at risk, many Christians are reportedly considering fleeing the country -- once considered a safe haven for religious minorities in the Middle East, the Christian Post reports. Syrian Christians fear being caught in the crossfire of the conflict, but fear even more the possibility of an Islamic government emerging should the rebels prevail and the regime fall. "Christians in Syria fear the overthrow of [President] Assad will result in direct persecution against the Christian minority and a mass exodus of Christians from the country, similar to what had happened in Iraq and is now occurring in Egypt," said Aidan Clay of International Christian Concern. "Throughout the Middle East, we are seeing the Arab Spring uprisings replace long-standing rulers with Islamist movements that disregard the rights of non-Muslims and women. Attacks against Middle Eastern Christians have occurred on an unparalleled scale following the uprisings. Syria will be no different."


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