Christians Bring Hope to AIDS Ground Zero

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Christians Bring Hope to AIDS Ground Zero

Small Tshepisong community (South Africa) suffers from poverty, poor housing, and many cases of HIV/AIDS, reports Mission News Network. However, projects like the International Mission Board’s “One Community” are bringing hope and help to those who need it most. They work alongside Boitshoko Community Home-based Care Centre, visiting bedridden patients, teaching orphans, and providing medical care and health education. Additionally, “One Community” provides things like food donations and medical presentations, and, since, 2011, IMB missionaries have been working to introduce the Gospel message to Tshepisong by leading and translating Bible studies. “Our goal is to assist [the center] to do what they are already doing better, plus add the Gospel,” explained Beth Locke, who has been working on the project with her husband Alan.


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