Christians Bombed, Burned Out in Kenya and Tanzania

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Christians Bombed, Burned Out in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenyan police are investigating a deadly attack on a church in the capital city of Nairobi, CBN News reports. One child was killed and at least three seriously wounded when an explosive device was set off in a Sunday school class full of children. "We heard a blast from outside on the side of the nursery school and people started stampeding and scampering all over," said Jackson Mwangi, who was worshipping in the church when the bomb went off. "The kids who were injured ... the congregation started taking them to the hospital." Police believe the Somali Muslim group al Shabaab is behind the attack; churches in Kenya have been a target of al Shabaab since Kenyan forces moved into Somalia last year to fight the militants. Meanwhile, just south of Kenya in Tanzania, Christians are also under attack: Voice of the Martyrs reports radical Muslims burned six houses and several cars belonging to a pastor and other Christians, as well as burning alive 60 pigs that belonged to Christians.


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