Public Schools: The Latest Mission Field for Christian Students

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Public Schools: The Latest Mission Field for Christian Students

February 16, 2012

With religion absent from schools for nearly five decades and only a minority of teenagers claiming to believe the Bible, one Christian organization is looking to target Bible-illiterate high school students in public schools, the Christian Post reports. The Life Book Movement is working with local church youth leaders and their students to help "saturate" the schools with The Life Book, a brief, interactive overview of the Old Testament and the Gospel of John. "The Life Book Movement addresses the core issue of Christianity -- sin and salvation," said Carl Blunt, president and CEO of the organization. "With a shift toward a more socially-driven Gospel, the biblical message of sinners in need of a Savior seems to be diminished." The organization provides youth leaders with The Life Books for their students to hand out to their classmates at school -- then the leaders provide follow-up and discipleship if desired. "We believe Christian teenagers represent a missionary force waiting to be used on their home turf," Blunt said. "Public schools represent the most strategic mission field in the United States." More than 2 million students in 47 states have been given The Life Book during school since Jan. 2010, with the involvement of more than 75,000 Christian students, and more than 3 million copies are being printed for distribution in the 2012-2013 school year.


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