Christian Mother of Five in Nigeria Killed

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Christian Mother of Five in Nigeria Killed

Nigerian soldiers summoned to the city of Bauchi to stop fighting between Muslim and Christian youths last week shot and killed a Christian mother of five, Compass Direct News reports. When violence broke out at a high school soccer match, soldiers were called in to restore the peace, but Muslim soldiers soon joined with Muslim students from the school and attacked Christians' homes as the fighting spread to other parts of the city. Three soldiers chased Charity Augustine Agbo into her house and shot her twice in the chest; she later died at a hospital. "There was not any justifiable reason for the soldiers to have shot the woman," said the Rev. Lawi Pokti, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria. The school where the fighting broke out is known as a hotbed of Islamic extremism; most religious conflicts in the city have been triggered by Muslim students at the school and Christians in the area have been under extreme pressure for more than a decade.


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