Chinese Woman Seven Months Pregnant Beaten, Forcibly Aborted

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Chinese Woman Seven Months Pregnant Beaten, Forcibly Aborted

A woman was forcibly aborted at seven months of pregnancy on June 3 in Shanxi Province, China, reports. According to Women's Rights Without Frontiers, the China-based human rights organization 64Tianwang indicated that the woman, Feng Jianmei, was beaten and dragged into a vehicle by a group of family planning officials while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was out working. The officials asked for RMB 40,000 in fines from Feng Jianmei's family, and when they did not receive the money, they forcibly aborted her, laying the body of her aborted baby next to her in the bed. It was her second child. Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, said: "This is an outrage. No legitimate government would commit or tolerate such an act. Those who are responsible should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity." Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed, said: "We learned that family planning officials in Jianmei's region are launching a campaign of forced abortions this month. They received a lower grade from the government because of 'over-quota' births, and Jianmei's story shows us how they plan to respond."


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