Chinese Family Forced to Abort Files Criminal Charges

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Chinese Family Forced to Abort Files Criminal Charges

A Chinese man whose wife was forced to have an abortion has filed criminal charges against the officials responsible, CBN News reports. In June, Deng Jianmei's wife, Feng, was forcibly aborted at seven months of pregnancy. The couple already has one child and could not afford the $6,300 fine for violating China's harsh one-child policy. Feng told NBC News that family planning officials dragged her out of her relatives' house and into a hospital, where she was blindfolded and injected with an abortion-inducing drug. Since the abortion, she has been hospitalized with health problems, her sister-in-law said. The Chinese government apologized, and two officials responsible for the incident were fired and five more sanctioned, but the family's attorney wants them to face criminal charges as well.


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