China: Century-Old Church to be Demolished, Congregation Protests

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China: Century-Old Church to be Demolished, Congregation Protests

A 125-year-old church built by Anglican missionaries in China's Shandong province is facing demolition despite being a government-approved Three-Self Patriotic Movement church, and members say they will fight to the death to save it, China Aid reports. Even though four buildings in the church compound are protected national historical landmarks, real estate developers have already won government approval for the demolition. One wall has already been knocked down, and church members have lodged a formal appeal with the government to stop the demolition and are working to draw attention to their plight. "We are not afraid to die," one member said, "but we would not leave everyone without an answer: Pray for us!" Meanwhile, a Chinese government-sponsored exhibit of Chinese Bibles is tour through the United States as part of an attempt to convince Americans that religious freedom still exists in China and to divert attention from the ongoing government persecution of Christians.


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