British Christians Fearlessly Proclaim Jesus' Name

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British Christians Fearlessly Proclaim Jesus' Name

December 9, 2011

Thousands of Christians all over the United Kingdom took to the streets last week for "Not Ashamed Day 2011," a day to publicly proclaim the gospel of Jesus and pray for their nation, which has become increasingly hostile to Christianity, CBN News reports. "It's young people, students in their 20s, the youth, calling out to the rest of the church to come and pray," said the Rev. Pat Allerton, coordinator of the rally. "Calling them on to the streets where the gospel is designed to be. I mean, the gospel is designed for the marketplace." Many Christians gathered on the same grounds as Occupy London protesters: "We want to reach out to them in love and proclaim the hope and the truth that is found only and supremely in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," said Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern.


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