Black Bishop Encourages Christians to Leave Democratic Party

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Black Bishop Encourages Christians to Leave Democratic Party

A black Virginia bishop is calling for Christians to leave the Democratic party over what he describes as a "cult-like devotion" to abortion and "rejection" of the traditional family, the Christian Post reports. "Clearly, the Democratic party is the anti-Christian party in the nation," bishop E.W. Jackson said. "They reject the Bible, what Bible-believing Christians embrace, and they encourage the growth of what we call a 'non-traditional' family. That is morally wrong and a disgrace to our nation and our Lord." Jackson also cited the Democratic party's support of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and even the NAACP as examples of how far the party has moved away from Christians, particularly black Christians. "What was once an historic and honorable civil rights organization is now nothing other than a left-wing apparatus of the Democratic party," he said. "I will say that some of the local chapters still advance civil rights, but in my opinion the national chapter no longer cares for the average black person. That is a shame too."


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