American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Fears Supporters Have Abandoned Him

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American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Fears Supporters Have Abandoned Him

The American pastor sentenced to eight years in Iran's Evin Prison is unaware of growing international support for him and instead fears he's been abandoned, according to relatives who met with him this week, Fox News reports. Saeed Abedini mentioned his doubt during a visit with relatives on Monday, the second time he was allowed to see members of his extended family since he was convicted. Abedini expressed apprehension and concern about his fate and openly asked if there were international efforts to secure his freedom, according to the American Center for Law and Justice, and it is believed that his fears are due to abuse and brain-washing techniques used by prison officials. "It is no surprise that the Iranian prison guards are engaging in this kind of psychological abuse," said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the ACLJ. "We know that Pastor Saeed is undergoing physical beatings and torture. And we know there is growing concern about his health. Now, a troubling report that the guards are trying to take away his hope -- by feeding him false information about his fate, trying to convince him that no one cares, that efforts to secure his freedom have ceased. This tactic is predictable but very tragic. What the Iranian guards will never tell Pastor Saeed is that there's a growing international network of support. ... We continue to urge President Obama to personally call on Iran to release Pastor Saeed. And now that Secretary of State Kerry is on the job, it is time for him to follow through on earlier statements that Iran release Pastor Saeed." 


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