Alabama Woman Sues Planned Parenthood

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Alabama Woman Sues Planned Parenthood

A woman is suing Birmingham’s only abortion center for negligent care, misdiagnosis and for failing to hire trained and licensed employees, WORLD News Service reports. Roberta Clark went to the Planned Parenthood of Birmingham on Aug. 20, and after an ultrasound and pelvic exam, was told she was eight weeks and four days along in her pregnancy. Abortion doctor Aqua Don Emmanuel Umoren then performed an abortion. But after 25 days, Clark was still nauseous, bleeding and vomiting. She went to the Princeton Medical Center Emergency Room on Sept. 14, where she was told she had an ectopic pregnancy that was 13 weeks along -- putting her life in danger. Dana Cody, executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), told CitizenLink that Planned Parenthood records showed an abortion was completed at the clinic -- despite the fact that Clark’s uterus was empty before she went to the clinic, and no fetal remains were found in the aborted tissue. LLDF is taking action to ensure the safety of women in the state. "We have submitted a request to the Alabama Department of Public Health, asking them to investigate the clinic," Cody said.


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