Activists Protest Same-Sex Marriage in France

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Activists Protest Same-Sex Marriage in France

Supporters of traditional marriage in France took to the streets in Paris this week to protest the government's push to legalize gay marriage and give homosexual couples the right to adopt, CBN News reports. Hundreds of people carried posters that read, "A father. A mother. We don't lie to children." Tugdual Derville, general director of Alliance Vita, said protecting children was the group's primary aim. "We are against [this law] in the name of the rights of the children because we want to protect the children against a very unfair privation, the one of a daddy or a mummy," he said. "It is necessary to help the families who have problems, single parents, children who need support. But it seems to us unfair to deliberately decide that a child won't have a father or a mother." The bill is set to be introduced to parliament on November 7, and the debate is expected to last several weeks.


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