Abortion Facility Exposed by Activists Surrenders License

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Abortion Facility Exposed by Activists Surrenders License

A Birmingham, Ala., abortion business surrendered its license to the state's Department of Public Health and ceased operations on May 18, WORLD News Service reports. New Woman All Women Health Care came under scrutiny in January after pro-life advocates videotaped two women being carried out of the back of the building to waiting ambulances. A review of 911 calls revealed both women had overdosed on a drug administered by the clinic, and a subsequent month-long investigation and investigation by the Department of Public Health found many violations -- including a third overdose victim -- that ran the gamut from lack of properly trained staff to doctors falsifying patient charts to use of equipment that lacked current inspections. "The regulators were able to discern for the first time how horrific this abortion clinic was," said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. "The number of health code violations [and] drug violations were so numerous that they simply could not be rehabilitated and had to be shut down." An attempt to reopen under new ownership failed after pro-lifers pointed out a connection between the applicant and owner Diane Derzis -- which ran afoul of requirements set up by the state.


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