Prayer Team Announces Celebration for Presidents' Day 2005

Crosswalk Staff

Prayer Team Announces Celebration for Presidents' Day 2005

As the nation observes Presidents Day next week, the Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) is urging Christians to recognize the absolute necessity of their prayers at this time in our nation's history-potentially the most significant period of accomplishment for the current administration.


"With all that is going on in the world, the President needs the support of believers through their prayers," says John Lind, PPT's president/CEO. "President's Day is a perfect time for individuals and congregations to focus their prayers on specific needs. We'll provide the resources they need online at"


The 2005 Celebration consists of two separate events, one for individuals and one for churches. Individuals can participate in PPT's second annual online President's Day Virtual Prayer Rally on February 21.


Last year's event drew over 38,000 people, who each selected one-hour time slots during which they would be praying for our president and our nation, whether alone or with a group.


One member who participated in 2004 writes that she felt "high and lifted up" as she prayed during the vigil. "The day went like I was on a cloud, and people of the government for whom I should pray came to my mind all day. Bible verses always flooded my mind as I prayed for each person or event throughout the day, in addition to my set prayer time. I praise God that I had the experience to pray with so many in Jesus' name."


The 2005 celebration also includes a Presidential Prayer Sunday on February 20. This event gives entire congregations the opportunity to make a difference in our country. Churches across the country will be dedicating a part of their service to prayer for the President, everything from saying a special prayer during the worship service to involving all Sunday morning activities.


"The President is tackling ambitious goals ranging from domestic reform to global changes that will impact the world," Lind points out. "As he moves forward to face his many challenges squarely, he needs our prayers now more than ever. We must continue to 'stand in the gap' for him and our national leaders as we approach an unprecedented moment in history."


The Presidential Prayer Team is a non-profit, non-partisan effort dedicated to informing and encouraging people to pray daily for the president and our nation. Membership is free and open to anyone who is willing to commit to pray each day.


Participants receive weekly email prayer updates, access to prayer resources on the Internet, and a membership decal. To join The Presidential Prayer Team or to apply to be a PPT Ambassador, call 1-800-295-1235 or visit