Celebrating Something Good That Came from 9-11

Janet Chismar | Senior Editor, News & Culture | Friday, September 9, 2005

Celebrating Something Good That Came from 9-11

As part of its fourth anniversary celebration, and to kick-off its new Enroll a Million campaign, The Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) last week re-launched its website that has united 3 million participants in focused prayer for our President, our leaders, our nation and our Armed Forces.


The original PPT site launched September 18, 2001, seven days after the 9/11 attacks. Membership exploded to 500,000 people within two weeks. Today, PPT has three million participants, and the majority of that growth has resulted from “viral marketing,” an Internet phenomena wherein one person forwards something received via email or a website, and the recipient joins the effort.


During a recent interview, John Lind, PPT’s President/CEO, explained that PPT met its original participant goal of 1 percent of the population—2.8 million people—within 600 days of launch.”


“That is one of the good things that rose from the ashes of 9/11,” said Lind. “Our members made it happen, and we’re asking for their help to enroll another million in this vital effort to protect our country. We upgraded our website to facilitate the growth.”


According to Lind, the newly improved website has more features and functionality to help enhance the prayer experience of the people who visit.


“One of our objectives under our mission of encouraging millions of Americans to pray for the President is to enhance the prayer experience of the individual member or visitor,” Lind added.